Should we, or shouldn’t we?

Ian and I have been talking about opening a gallery for years, no DECADES, now. He and I have “followed” each other’s art careers even before there was a twitter. He helped me open Linda Cannon Gallery and now, together, we feel we’re ready to launch a collaborative effort and make a go at it. We will need all the love and support from the Seattle art world and beyond, so please send us your thoughts and feedback. To do this, we’ll have to embark on a crowdsource or other funding campaign. I did this when I started my gallery in the 90s: I rounded up ten friends to give me ten grand to spend in the gallery at a later date. It worked fine then, and I had my funding within days, but nowadays so many people rely on crowdsourcing for funding that I’d be just another gallery lost in the sea of people begging for startup money. So, this will require some bonafide supporters and people who really believe that Seattle needs me here and now to open a new gallery. There are so many artists who need a place to show, I know that. But the question is, if we build it, will you come? I can guarantee you that if enough people out there support this idea, we will do it.